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Our time is now!!!
There is no better time than now to celebrate women in sport. For three years, my team and I had many setbacks and no time seemed appropriate. With the Covid-19 pandemic, it seemed even more impossible to make this dream a reality.

Launching at this point in time when Namibian women are defying the odds to achieve great heights is certainly a blessing in disguise. We have united, we have cried and celebrated as we watched the girl child excel on the big stage, always seen as second best. But for the first time the world stood still for the girl child as they took their rightful places on the podium, unapologetically so.

Helalia Johannes proving over and over why she is cut above the rests, undoubtedly the Queen of marathon, her resilience is remarkable to witness.
Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi showed us that what at first seems impossible is indeed possible and they did it with class and grace unseen. We celebrate you!!

By qualifying for the Indoor Hockey World Cup, our girls achieved a dream impossible through resilience and persistence. They showed guts and determination against what was considered bigger and stronger nations but ultimately they brought home the continental cup and booked themselves a ticket to the world stage.

Women’s cricket is on the rise too. Our girls have  crossed the continent to test their mettle against the continent’s best. We salute you Eagles!!

We are about to see women’s sport taking center stage, the rise of the girl child is a win for us all.
Here is to the dreamers and shakers. This publication is my gift to the Namibian girl child in sport. You will be heard, you will be seen, you will be celebrated as you take the world by storm.

With love
She Reps Sports Magazine Editor,
Joviita Kandjumbwa

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