Unstoppable Girls & Goals Defeat Arrow ladies

By: Leena Ndakevondjo

The second round of the FNB Women Supers League had about 12 teams competing last weekend.

 Girls & Goals managed to beat Arrow ladies last weekend at the NFA technical centre in 3-1.

The first 2 Goals came from Tjimunene Ndjavera who scored 2 Goals. The number 4 managed to score another Goal within 2 minutes after the first goal, meanwhile Simataa Ntwala scored a Goal for the Arrow ladies during the second half of the game.

Mammie Kasaona who scored the 3rd Goal for the Girls &Goals said that not only was the game intensive, but Massive as well since the ladies are physically fit.

Photo: Contributed

“It was a massive win, but we managed to utilise the only chance we got”, She said.

As an experienced player Kasaona was relieved after scoring as she highlights that she wanted to  show the young ones how it’s done.

  Laimi Jacob from the Arrow ladies stated that it has indeed been a challenging game that they have had so far, as the other opponents came prepared for them.

“We win some, we loose some”, she said.

She further explained that they have not experienced any challenges, it was just not their day.

Players such as Selma Enkali, got out on a knee injury after the first half, 2 yellow cards were given during the game each from both teams .   

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