Encouraging the girl child to be sporty.

By: Nancy N. Halweendo

Name the sport code, and you’re most likely to see Virginia Kujandeka killing it in the forefront of the fitness department, from Netball to Athletics and football, Rugby, Swimming, Basketball, and even Hockey.

A sports Fitness & Conditioning coach and Physical Education [PE] teacher, the coach is one of the eleven [11] women who successfully completed a FIFA Grassroots Coaching course this month, with FIFA Technical Expert, Zunaid Mall, at the Namibia Football Association in the country’s capital.

The charismatic coach who creates a safe space for young girls to play sports at school, believes a coach must be positive, enthusiastic and passionate about the role they play and therefore, should make it a priority to act and speak in a way that inspires children to take on the challenge of becoming great leaders and sports people.

“Sport has been proven to be a great aspect in child development. It helps improve their mindsets and their game playing abilities, and also aids in instilling focus and discipline, which are fundamental skills they take with as they grow into professional athletes and exemplary individuals in society.” says Kujandeka.

Apart from physical training, Kujandeka says she uses her knowledge and experience to try and reshape views and misconceptions surrounding women in sport.

 “Working with different age groups, I strive to teach both women and men the value of discipline, resilience and confidence. Women especially, need to work together and write their own history, which can only be achieved through collective effort.” She states

Kujandeka hailed women in sport for doing a “lekka” job at defying gender stereotypes in competitions regarded “too manly” for women and inspiring young girls to be go-getters and mentors of growth for the next generation of girls.

“I think this Magazine is a great initiative that promotes women through highlighting their efforts and achievements. If we want to get more girls to participate in sport, we have to start by creating more platforms that give a voice to women.”

Speaking on empowering the girl child, the young coach says “development course are always a great platform to meet new coaches, share and learn new skills and ways in which to inspire the young ones to become influential people in society and aid in strengthening community bonds.”

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Memory Kamberipa
Memory Kamberipa
1 year ago

We Love to see it Sis♥️

Gregg M
Gregg M
1 year ago

I’ve had the honour of standing beside Coach Ginia in a few training sessions, had conversations with her about the sport. She’s very passionate n persistent in her quest to do great by the girl child & in general. Certainly, Namibia is lucky to have her in the industry. Greatness unfolding..

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