Mupenda Shines in Varsity Netball

By: Joviita Kandjumbwa

A dream chaser, Namibian Netball player Cornelia Mupenda took no time to settle into the University of Johannesburg Netball team cementing her place in the first team and becoming a force to be reckoned with. By the end of her first year in the team, Mupenda scooped the best defender of 2021 and UJNC Recognition Award National, this is only the beginning for Mupenda as she is just getting started.
Speaking to SRSM, second-year Public Relations student Mupenda expresses her desire to achieve more both in her career and education.

Who is Cornelia Mupenda?

Cornelia Mupenda is a 21-year-old Dhemba girl, born and raised in Omaruru. She’s very passionate and goal-oriented. Loves spending time with her family.

When did your love for Netball start?

Well, I started playing netball in 2008, I was in grade 1 by that time. I didn’t take netball as serious because I was still young and didn’t know it would change my life as it did now. My passion for netball started when I made my first national colours and that was 2012. This is because I had a purpose and I was just not playing for the fun of playing netball any longer.

Did you partake in other sports besides Netball?

Yes, I did, I did athletics from grade 1 to grade 11.

Have you always been a defender, if not how do you transition into other roles?
Well, I have been a defender although I enjoy playing the GS position.

Being a student how do you balance school and sports?
Firstly, it takes discipline for someone to balance between Academics and sports. And I think I’m disciplined enough to balance between the two and stay consistent in both sports and academics.

When did you start playing for UJ and how has it been so far?
I’ve been at UJ since last year. My experience here is wholesome. I feel home and I always feel like I’m a step closer to my dreams. Being coached by the Spar Proteas Captain is a dream come true and I will always be grateful for that.

How different is Netball in South Africa compared to Namibia?

There’s not really a big difference between the two because we have more or less have the same playing style as South Africans. Other than that, I’d say there’s exposure here than in Namibia.

How important is education for athletes?

What most people don’t understand is that you need school to do sports on a higher level. As much as talent is there one needs marks to be granted an opportunity. SCHOOL IS VERY IMPORTANT.

What would you still like to Achieve?

There are so many things I still want to achieve, be it school, personal life and sports.

What has been your greatest achievement so far as a netball player?

Playing for my country and UJ

What advice do you have for young girls who want to play sports?

I’d like to say to the girl child to believe in their dreams and always work hard for what they want and always remember that it won’t be handed to you. You need to put in the extra work and always remember to pray and enjoy the journey. No matter how many mistakes you make you are still ahead of everyone that’s not trying.

Fun Facts about Cornelia:

Nickname: Corry

Age: 21

Studying: Public Relations

Favorite Netball player: Shamera Sterling

What do you do when not playing Netball:

Catching up on school and sleep.

Dream Destination: England

If you were not a Netball player, what would you be:

If I wasn’t a netball player, I’d be an athlete.

What no one knows about you:

I’m actually funny.

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Cornelia Mupenda
Cornelia Mupenda
1 year ago

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