Mighty Gunners for the Win

Mighty Gunners 2022 MTC Netball Premier League Champions
By: Leena Ndakevondjo
Photo: MTC

After winning every game they played this season, Mighty Gunners were crowned the new MTC Netball Premier League Champions.
Over the weekend, the league came to an end, with the champions taking home N$120 000, second place Namibia Navy Netball Club earning N$80 000, and third place Namibia Correctional Services Netball Club earning N$60 000. Imelda Nerongo, the secretary general of Namibia Netball, claimed that the league this year was thrilling and that MTC’s sponsorship has significantly aided in the league’s growth.

She stated that this competition was among the greatest that the majority of national players participated in all year.
MTC corporate communication specialist Fikameni Mathias stated that they are thrilled and delighted with the outcome. “Netball is one of the nation’s fastest-growing sports, the league is competitive” however Mathias asserted that things can only become better if the first division is fixed. Mathias went on to say that investing in the girl Child is something that all Namibians should do.

Daisy Namases, team manager of Mighty Gunners, indicated that they made it clear from the start of the season that they wanted to win the championship in a fair and impartial manner.
“We will double whatever we have for next year and emerge stronger again.” Namases added that the team members have improved, and winning is the outcome of their improvement.
Rebbeca Goagoses, vice president of Namibia Netball, said the league has been competitive throughout the season and the league has really improved since last year.

Goagoses attributed that competition has really been tight and disappointments were seen in last year’s winners.
Namibia Navy Netball Club player Anna Casper, worked away with a cash price of N$50 000, as the League’s top goal scorer with 86%.
Saturday’s results:
Namibian Correction Services NC 44: 39 Rebels NC, Tigers NC 64:36 Young Stars NC, Eleven Arrows NC 43:54 Otjozondjupa Nampol NC, Blue Waters NC 15 :0 Grootfontein NC, Afrocat Lions NC 41:51 Namibian Navy NC, Eleven Arrows NC 50:25 Northern Fly Ballers NC, Otjozondjupa Nampol NC 59:33 Young Stars NC, Rebels NC 22:45 Tigers NC, Namibian Correction Services 36:42 Mighty Gunners NC

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